Freedom of speech


Freedom of speech is important in a democracy because it can show how democracy is improved. So dictators suppressed freedom of speech first. Even some people were killed for freedom of speech! There were many dictators. For example Japan colonized Korea from 1910 to 1945. They suppressed freedom of speech then they made newspaper only they want so they tried to make people can’t get  information about how country work on. They taught Korean Japanese at school by force.


People have freedom of speech, at the same time they need to have responsibility. For example, any writing can upset someone through SNS. If someone write bad comment about someone and the comment is not truth then he or she will be very upset for a long time. If you put wrong information at somewhere then people can get wrong information.Therefore you need to be careful when you share some information about someone or somewhere.


Freedom of speech and responsibility must happen at same time.

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Should Animals be kept in Zoo?

Should animals be kept in zoo?

I think kept in zoo is not right because. We can’t just kept animals in zoo. We need to give freedom to animals because they don’t want to be here they have home but they can’t go back because people are keeping them in zoo. Why only people need to live in here? animals are live things too. We need to careful every live things, human are not only live things in the Earth there is plant, animals and others. If they go back to their home it will be great for them because what if they born at zoo? They will don’t know where is his real home because they never saw their home. They don’t know how it feels to run in the forest. They will just stay at little cage and see people looking at them until they die but there is good services if animals in zoo. They are helping make them like same environment what they had before like trees, rock and maybe reservoir too  and they are keeping them so they won’t hurt from their nature enemy. They are giving food for starve so they don’t need to hunting or collect food so they won’t die because of starving. There are checking health so they can know when animals are sick or not good they will give medicine then most of animals can not die because of sick.

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What is different between animals and people

What is different between animals and people?

People have different things. One thing is we can use fire and many differents type of tool. We can think very deep so we can do something very smart and carefully. We have word. We are social animals and we can make clothes for us. We make group for activity We can cook our food and we have our transport for move fast. We have religion and computer so we can find information what we want. We can self-control by myself for example I want to buy so many things but I am buying just what I need right now because if we use every money then we can’t buy something next time. People are developed every time for example we are making more great things like TV, computer and iphone. People respect someone for instance  people respect famous scientists, sportsmen and teacher. People love each other. Finally people go to school and they take a lesson and do homework as I do now!!!

Animal have different things too like they strong arm or leg(Orangutan’s arms are 8 times stronger than people) Animal don’t have rich and poor people. They don’t wear the clothes because first they don’t how make and many kind of animal have fur so they are warm even they don’t have clothes. They don’t have  transportation except wings. They don’t have to go to school or company because there is no company or school. They don’t need to give the cost of living so don’t worry about money. Some of animals can heal theirs body even it cut. The people are owner of Earth!!!

The three things people need to know about U.S.

The three things people need to know about U.S.

There is 3 things we need to know about U.S.

First, U.S. is very young country but they get very very fast development. The U.S. has very strong missile or weapon and they have had many money in business so everyone think U.S is very strong and get very many money. How U.S. is reach this much, because they have so much resource and substance and they can trade. They get many money they can develop missile. They even have many science technology
Second, Lincoln gave free to the slaves. Lincoln is who was president at U.S. This happen called ‘Civil war’. ‘Civil war’ is make emancipation. It was important because abolition of slavery. There were two group one was south and they said “We need slaves!” and another group was North and they said “Let give free to slaves” so they had a big fight. The Civil War lasted from 1861 to 1865. There was many fighting and finally Lincoln won. Lincoln was who made emancipation.

Third thing is many U.S. are Christian and even when president selected they put hand on bible. Actually start of U.S. was The United Kingdom. There were three puritans and they came to America and build U.S. at Puritan is Christian. In 2007 they gave sheet for ask ‘Are you believing Jesus?’ to 35,000people and answer was 78.4% were believing Jesus but in 2014 there is 23% of people not believing god. But still there are the most of U.S. are believing christian.


If I found new planet then I will


If I found new planet then I will…

If I found new planet then I will first check people can live in there. I will make no one can know because I want to make it a surprise. When I found we can live in that planet then I will shoot a satellite to there for check. Then I will find every creature in that planet and mineral. Then put some machines that can mine the mineral. Then I will make city secretly. If I finished all job then I will tell it to N.A.S.A so they will be very surprise. I will be at facebook and SNS. I will make visitor at my planet and I will take money for it. I will make food from the new animals. Then I will sell every ore I found out in here then I will use 30% for my parents and left over is for my city and for me!!


How is honey made

How is honey made?

It takes 4 million flowers and 20,000 bees are collect 3kg pollen or 1 kg honey.

The jar of honey is same with earning honey 3 times around the world.

  1. The honey bees go to forage the flowers. They use their mouse to take the nectar in the flower and place it in their special stomach, called “honey crop” or “honey stomach”. Beside of nectar, worker bees also gather pollen. Their body is covered in tiny little hairs.  When they land in the flower, the pollen sticks to the hairs. The bees gather the pollen with their legs, moving it to the hind legs into their pollen baskets.
  2. After collecting the nectar from almost 150 flowers and filling the baskets with pollen, the bees return to the hive. On the road, they add an enzyme to the nectar that will start breaking the complex plant sugar down, into grape sugar and fruit sugar. All the process takes place on this way back to the hive.
  3. When the honey bees arrive back to the hive, they pass the nectar to the worker bees. They eat and take it out several times till it gets the right consistency and then store it in the honeycomb cells.
  4. The cells filled with honey are opened and the bees start the process of evaporating the water from it, by fanning their wings above the cells.
  5. After the nectar is dried up the cells will be sealed with wax. Now humans come and take it all!

honey  bees

Pretend that there is no such thing as television, Internet, or video games. What do you do with all your time?

Pretend that there is no such thing as television, Internet, or video games. What do you do with all your time?

If there no electrical things I will be crazy because I can’t rest well and even I can’t work something well too. I can’t find information easy. I will be play soccer but not funny because I will play video game at that time. I will find information at library every time. I need to go somewhere to buy something but internet have internet shopping. Every one will have good eyesight but loose information and fun.


My life changed the day I discovered

My life changed the day I discovered….

My life changed a day. The day is 22th Feb 2014. My family came to Turkey at the day. Turkey was different world to me school, market, house and friends. Everything changed me but especially language did. I was little nervous because of English. In Korea, I was smart student but in Turkey …… . I was somewhat disappointed. I can’t play a lot at Saturday because I have to go Korean school. I forgot some subjects what I did in Korea because I don’t have time that much. I can only concentrate at English and Korean. On the brighter side, I got new many other countries’ friends. Turkish food is delicious but sometime there are so many salt and something are so many sugar. I could meet variety culture. Also I could meet different kinds of foods and variety people and languages. I believe that this experience will be able to help my life.


You just discovered a new land. What are you going to call your land? What kind of animals live there? What do you discover on your land? What are you going to build on your new land?


buy baclofen online, baclofen street value, baclofen 4096 tv street price. pump for spinal cord injury 20 mg vs soma viagra en san jose costa rica wie wirkt If I discover a new land, I would call it ‘Second Earth’s lung, J.K. island’  because my initial is JK so I’d like to show to find out this island and there are so many trees, animals,  plants, water and natures like Amazon in Brazil. Amazon called Earth’s lung so I decided ‘Second Earth’s lung’. I find savages, new type of carnivore, bugs,  fowls and a last T-rex’s egg in J.K. island. I discover many relics and new country and civilization also I find mineral stronger  than diamond it can perdure larva and nuclear bomb. Also I find new plants and many golds, diamonds, silvers, rubies, sapphires and emerald. I find large mine and there are extremely many minerals so I can make so many money but I need people so I will use people are living on this island. I will ask them help me for mine. If they can’t understand my words, I will go back to my country and come to J.K island again with my country’s people.  If I get some money, I will help best prices for all customers! price zoloft without insurance . fastest shipping, generic zoloft versus regular. the natives for evolution of civilization so they could know how to make this how to speak English and how to earn money. Then I will make large hotel but not destroyed nature in the island then I will make harbor for people can travel here easily. People can see how great place is  and how many animals are living here and I will make museum too. I will not destroy any people’s village.It will keep safety. I will be rich because I made mine, hotel and harbor but museum is free.

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Would you prefer to have super strength or invisibility?

I would prefer to have invisibility because if I fight with super strength I would win. Because nobody can see me and there are many funny things I can. I can rubber bank if I need money and I can surprise everybody if I want. I can help  some soccer game at the Olympic by using hand. I can steal food if I want and anything else. I can do many things but I think super strength is not bad but invisibility is better. If I have super strength I can show my power or something but invisibility is more useful. If I pick up a pencil, everybody would shouting because they will think a pencil is flying. I want to go back to Korea and would steal Korean food and I want to show invisibility to my friends but sadly it not real. I want to use invisibility when I am fighting with my sister because I can win my sister. She is stronger than me but if I use invisibility I could win her and I will never lose again. However, is it possible in the future?

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