Water pollution

What is water pollution? → Water pollution happen when oil or trash go into the ocean, river or lake so we can’t use that water it almost polluted by human.

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Problem of water pollution → Water is covering 70% of our Earth and we need water for alive because we can stay nearly 2 month with water but if we just eat food and not drink water then we can’t survive 1 week and we are using water for cleaning, making food, swimming and anything else.

What is making water pollution? → Usually human are making water pollution representatively Sewage and factory are making water pollution. Sewage are bring bacteria and disease. Some people farmer living near in the lake they sometimes drink that water it can grow very ill. They may even die.

What will happen if we just stay → If we just stay and do nothing then there will be disaster because there will be no more drinkable water then maybe people can extinction (I can’t remember name of the book)

What can you do? → 1. Don’t waste the water. 2. Throw all your trash to trash can (it will be good recycling can)  3. You can tell to other people problem of water pollution!

Website or book I used


Science Matters WATER POLLUTION by Melanie Ostopowich

Unit Reflection!

Unit             My unit assesment was making our country so I made explaination in my computer. This is picture of my Scratch unit assesment. It was funny because we can make every thing I want I can do monarcy, democrcy or I can be dictator. The easiest part was making sprite. The hardest part was drawing every backgroud but using code was hard too but it was funny assesment!

The evolution of transport (voice thread)

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 My questions were ‘How old the sun?’, ‘Why is the sun hot?’, ‘What is the sun made of? and ‘How hot is the sun?’

  First, the answer of ‘How old the sun?’ was 460,000,000 years old. We can find the age from meteorite (falling stone). Planets of solar system were born in similar time.

 Second, ‘Why is the sun hot?’ was the sun is the biggest plasma ball and there are very a lot of mass gas. It pressure the sun very high so sun is getting hotter and hotter and finally it make current condition. The sun’s surface can reach more than 6000 degrees Celsius and the sun has black spots.Black spots are shown in black  because it are lower than the ambient temperature. Black spots appear 4000 degrees Celsius, the black spots can explode when it take a little impact.

  Finally, ‘What is the sun made of?’ was the sun is almost made of hydrogen. It is a gas ball and 72% hydrogen, 26% helium and the rest are oxygen, carbon, neon, nitrogen, magnesium, iron and silicon.

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