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I want to review about Harry Potter  because I like plot of this story because this is kind of adventure and I like adventure things too. Example he is going screet place where teacher said don’t go but he kept something from the Voldemort so he get many point to his dormitory because he kept that (I will not say what is this).  This book is about a guy called harry.

The author of Harry Potter is J.K rowling and genre is fantasy I choose this book because I like fantasy. I like how the author write about the book and I really enjoyed the book and it was fun reading it. My favorite part of book is Harry came Hogwart first time and selected to quidditch player (quidditch is wizard sport).

This book is about Harry Potter. He became a wizard and he found out about himself and he is fighting to Lord Voldemort, who killed Harry’s parents. He killed Harry’s parents because they didn’t follow Voldemort because Voldemort is evil and they don’t like evil guys. Voldemort killed them except Harry. No one knows but something protected him then Voldemort never show himself until he can come back very strong.

The protagonist of this book is Harry Potter and antagonist is Lord Voldemort. This book is good because it is funny and it sometimes very informative and very interesting. I like Harry Potter because he has a spirit of adventure. He has friends, called Ron and Hermione. They help Harry every time when he get dangerous or trouble like Severus make Harry trouble they help him. I would recommend this book to my friends because he never read this book and he like style of this book. Last part of book is Harry killed Voldemort and he married with Jinny.

wrinkle in time 1

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wrinkle in time 2

Chapter 2

A Wrinkle In Time


  • What I just read reminds me of ___________________ (story/book/movie/song)


⇒ I choose when Meg and Charles went into the forest to meet their auntie. It reminds of the book Harry Potter II . There is a forest in Harry Potter and it is similar to the forest in A Wrinkle In Time. buy viagra online from an official certified pharmacy, overnight shipping, Specifically, the Harry Potter characters are going to meet Hagrid in the forest and in the book A Wrinkle In Time, there are characters going into the forest to find their auntie. In ‘Harry Potter 2’ the forest has many trees, flowers and it is peaceful, unexpectedly the forest in  ‘A wrinkle in time’ is peaceful too.                




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  • What I just read reminds me of the time when I …  ⇒ I choose when Calvin says to Meg “You have a bad score.” This part reminds me of my hard school life.


Specifically before, when I was 3 Grade, I did a spelling assessment, but I was not able to go to assembly because I wasn’t good at spelling. I couldn’t  finish the test quickly. I want to go to Korean school. Even now I can’t do English well and I often make teacher crazy. (You only think you make me crazy! You need to keep trying with your English. You are getting better)



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⇒ I choose when Meg’s family were not living with Meg’s father. It was same with me       because when I was in the Korea, my father left for Istanbul first. My family had to wait for 2 months before we would see him again. We finally travelled to Istanbul to be together again.

wrinkle in time3


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  • What I just read reminds me of  (story/book/movie/song) because

⇒ The book ‘A Wrinkle In Time’ reminds me of a movie named ‘If I go into the fourth dimension(4D),’ because in this movie, they went into the fourth dimension and in the book A Wrinkle In Time, they went into the fifth dimension(5D).

  • What I just read reminds me of the time when I….

⇒ Reading chapter three of A Wrinkle in Time reminds me of when I was Grade 3. I was good at math like Meg, but I am not good at English like Meg.

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  • What I just read makes me think about _________________________ (event from the past) because……

⇒ In chapter three I am reminded of my past about a time when I rode in an airplane to meet my dad. In this chapter, Meg goes to the fifth dimension to find her father.

wrinkle in time 4

  1. a) One of the things that surprised me was when ‘That’s what Auntie’ changed strange animal
  2. b) I still am shocked by Meg father is in the strange world
  3. c) I keep thinking about why Meg’s father went somewhere.
  4. d) I really didn’t understand how Auntie had such special ability.
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  6. e) I felt really frustrated when I thought there would be machine but there was nothing.
  7. f) It seems to me that the question I have consider is what is secret about 3 Antie.
  8. g) When I think about the main character I feel very interesting and special people.
  9. h) Something I would like to find more about is when how can they find father.


wrinkle in time 5

  1. a) While you were reading today, describe what you pictured in your mind about the story.

⇒ I pictured there would be one more people had power like 3 Auntie.


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⇒ I thought I was same with Meg because Meg don’t like English but Meg is very well at math.


  1. c) This character reminds me of somebody I know.

⇒ It remind the Fin(movie character) he was go to the 4 diamentor and Meg go 5 diamentor.  I have watched Fin when I was 6 years old.


  1. d) Which part of your book are you having the most difficulty understanding or connecting with? Why do you think this is?

⇒ I thought why 3 Auntie was not people? Because She was living same environment with  people.


  1. e) What have you done that is similar to what the characters experience in your book?

⇒ Same thing is when I was 9 years old my father go Turkey and I was in Korea so my father and me wasn’t same place. Meg was same environment  with me. buy cheap baclofen baclofen cheap buy baclofen lioresal cheap order baclofen online buy lioresal 10mg buy baclofen without prescription buy baclofen canada

wrinkle in time 6

  1. a) How does the part that you read today fit together with the parts that you read earlier

⇒The same part was that all three Auntie came help Meg, Charles and Kelvin.


  1. b) Predict what will happen in the next few chapters/remainder of the book. Support your

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⇒ I think they will be meet their boss on the planet when they are walking.


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⇒ Meg is without thinking because she does not think deeply and just does things quickly.

Charles thinks deeply and calmly before speaking and his words make sense.


  1. d) Describe the setting. What is its significance to the story? How would the story be different in a different time or place? propecia quitting buy propecia online

The story is set on another planet named Camachos. This is where the main characters travel to from Earth. If the story was set on a different there might be no things that live.

wrinkle in time 7

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  1. a) Text-to-Text – How do the ideas in this text remind you of another text (story, book, movie, song, etc)?

What I just read reminds me of a time when I watched TV about a hypnotist. He had the people on a string. In this chapter, they put Charles under hypnosis.


  1. b) Text-to-Self – How do the ideas in this text relate to your own life, ideas and experiences? What I just read reminds me when I came to Turkey. Meg, Charles and Kevin went to the planet of Camachos. Tukey was very different from where I lived in Korea and Camachos was hard for Meg and Friends to live there too.


  1. c) Text-to-World – How do the ideas in this text reading relate to the larger world – past, present and future.

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The Supper Nova

1.If you could be a friend to one of the characters in the book, which character would it be?


⇒ If I could, I would be a friend to Amy because her father is a scientist, she is honorable, and she likes space and I like space

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2.If you could change one thing that happened in the story, what would it be and why?


⇒ Tony can’t bother her because when someone bothers me it’s really hurtful.


3.What part surprised you the most about the story? Why?

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⇒ That Amy come out of a newspaper because I could never come out of a newspaper.

4.What are similarities between yourself and main character?

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⇒ I like space and the main character likes it too. I have a best friend and she has a best friend too. I like stars and she like stars.


5.If writer writes a new book, what subject do you recommend?


⇒ Can you write about space? You are a very good writer about space.


6.If you give another title to this book, what title do you make?

⇒ If I was to make a new title for this book, it would be, ‘The Bright Star’                                                                           


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