Water pollution

What is water pollution? → Water pollution happen when oil or trash go into the ocean, river or lake so we can’t use that water it almost polluted by human.

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Problem of water pollution → Water is covering 70% of our Earth and we need water for alive because we can stay nearly 2 month with water but if we just eat food and not drink water then we can’t survive 1 week and we are using water for cleaning, making food, swimming and anything else.

What is making water pollution? → Usually human are making water pollution representatively Sewage and factory are making water pollution. Sewage are bring bacteria and disease. Some people farmer living near in the lake they sometimes drink that water it can grow very ill. They may even die.

What will happen if we just stay → If we just stay and do nothing then there will be disaster because there will be no more drinkable water then maybe people can extinction (I can’t remember name of the book)

What can you do? → 1. Don’t waste the water. 2. Throw all your trash to trash can (it will be good recycling can)  3. You can tell to other people problem of water pollution!

Website or book I used


Science Matters WATER POLLUTION by Melanie Ostopowich

Math Reflection

This year I did many kinds of math like angles and fraction. The easiest thing was percent because I think it most simple and not using English. The hardest thing was angles because sometime it was had to understanding word or question. My favorite math activities was computer math game because it more funny than paper math sheet. My least favorite activities was making fraction strips because it was hard to calculate dividing and also it was hard to cut paper and make it. I think something I will need at future will be percent, decimal and fractions because maybe I can get job calculating something then I need to calculate by using fractions, decimals and percent. When I start math beginning of the year I was very exciting and happy because I never did grade 5 level math but right it feel like just normal and sometime it feel so peskiness.

Visual art: My Recycle Plastic Dandelion!

Photo on 11-04-16 at 12.48

We get idea from Chihuly, he is famous at glass. He gave idea like recycle trash to art work so we get idea like this. My recycle plastic dandelion constructed by plastic, wood stick, foam ball, glue gun and knife (becareful at knife) and colour paint. The easiest part was melting plastic because it was funny and not that tired to melt plastic. The hardest and challenging part was putting melt plastic in foam ball with glue gun because it was most tired part.

Let’s recycle plastic!!!

Paul Klee

doxycycline cost per pill: inserito da conmabagist il 20 marzo 2013 / 106623379/#order-fluoxetine – buy generic prozac online much does kitty prozac cost Paul Klee was talented Swiss artist. Paul Klee was born at 1879/Dec/18th – Munchenbuchsee, Swiss and he died at 1940/June/29 – Locarno, Switzerland. Paul Klee’s art called ‘abstract’ because he didn’t want draw realistic subjects.

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