There was a boy who had a spirit for adventure. His name was Steve. When he got older he went into forests or seas which had danger. These were located in different parts of the world. He had friends named, Bill and Ron, who would go anywhere with Steve. Steve was waiting for his friends because he wanted to go to the Wizard Forest with them.

This forest was dangerous because there were giant ants, poisonous crocodiles, a flying lion and many monsters. They brought a gun, but not a real gun, a gun that made anything it shot sleep. When they were looking around the forest, the gun made them feel good, but it wasn’t long before they met a killer rabbit! The rabbit was so strong that it could attack anybody. They were scared, but Steve shot the gun to the rabbit and made it sleep.

They found a lake where they decided to rest and then they saw something in this lake. It was small, but had thorns and looked like a beast, they realized what it was in a few minutes, it was a fish-urchin. It was weak, had poison. So Steve and friends ran to the forest. There also was a golem tree which was more dangerous than the fish-urchin and the flying lion.

Steve and his friends ran as fast as possible. Finally, they sidetracked the golem tree and saw a house. They went into the house, inside there was an old woman, a magic book, a magic hat and an interesting frog. There were many things. The old woman was a wizard, but fortunately, she was a kind wizard. They rested in the house and the wizard gave them a magic shield, a magic sword and a magic potion.

They went outside and kept going deeper into the forest. They found something shiny while taking a walk. They were many big diamonds. They were happy because they thought that they could be rich. As soon as they took diamonds, they saw a rock tiger. They shot the gun, but it didn’t sleep because it was rock. They threw the magic sword at the tiger, but it didn’t cut the rock tiger, so they ran further into the forest.

“Why couldn’t it cut the rock?” asked Steve

“Maybe, we need to use magic power!” said Bill

“I think so,” agreed Ron.

They were getting very tired. To give them energy, they ate their food. Then they found some mushrooms made of chocolate. They were very sweet. On and on they went deeper inside the forest. They wanted to know about the secret of the magic sword, but there was no time to think because they saw a dragon!

They shot many times with the stun gun, but the dragon would not sleep. They all had the same idea, that was to use the magic sword. They stopped running and picked up the sword. They ran toward the dragon and fought just like the beast. Ron used magic potion of fire. He threw it to the dragon and the dragon was badly burned. This only made the dragon angrier and it attacked Ron. Ron used the magic shield and finally, Steve hit the dragon.  The dragon died and fell to the ground. They were so tired, at that time they looked up and saw a magic castle.


They went into the castle and read a book about its magic.

Ron read quietly, “The magic castle is a legendary castle in this world. It was built by a wizard and was his home. It is in the middle of this forest because it has many secrets like, ‘who is the best wizard?’, ‘why did the wizard make the castle?’ ‘…..’ There are many monsters in the castle and this castle is alive. It can see you, hear you, speak to you and kill you. If people come into the castle, they always end up in the graveyard. This castle’s nickname is ‘A little hell.”

Steve and his friends were scared because they thought the castle would kill them, but they went upstairs and were ready to fight whatever came to their way.

When they went upstair, there were skeletons.

They seemed to say, “Go outside!” but they didn’t go outside because they thought the best wizard was evil and they needed to find out the magic secrets of the castle. They thought there would be monsters and monsters there were. First were the gatekeepers, they were goblins who had so much money in their pockets. The money was made of gold. They attacked Steve, but Steve was brave. He shot the gun and then took all of the gold money. Next, they saw ghosts, but they weren’t just any normal ghosts, they were hunter ghosts.

They had a bazooka that would prove to be a really great weapon. The ghosts had a real gun too. Steve and his friends did not give up their belief that they could win. They fought bravely, but they were very tired. They asked for a ceasefire and Steve was planning how they could win on this fight. They needed to think of a good plan. Finally, they fought again and Steve decided that they needed only to use the magic sword. Steve grabbed the sword and hit the ghosts. One ghost died and Steve stole the bazooka. He shot the bazooka, but the ghost shot the gun too. Steve thought this would be the end of his life. Just at that time, Bill protected them with the shield. Steve was safe, but Bill had hurt his legs.

Finally, the ghosts went away, Steve and his friends took the gun.

“That is good,” said Ron.  

“Right,” said Bill and they all went up the third set of stairs. They thought there would be more scary things in there. At last they arrived a room. The room was development room where they saw many potions and a diary. There was a name written on the diary. It was Pia Lomi.

“He likes a flower. The flower’s name is ​Jerome’s flower. It will make everyone’s wish come true!” said Bill.

“Wow! I want to see that flower” Steve said.

“Me too!” Ron said.

However, they did not know what would happen in the future. They walked upstairs and finally met the wizard.

“Who are you?” the wizard asked.

“My name is Steve. I want to know the secret of magic castle.”

“What! Are you Steve? Alright, then you have to die” the wizard said.

“What?” Steve screamed.

“Be careful!” Ron said.

The wizard shot an ice ball right towards Steve, but it missed. Steve took the opportunity and shot the bazooka back at the wizard.  They fought and fought, but the fight was not over. The wizard was very powerful, so powerful that they felt like they could not beat him. Finally Steve broke the bazooka.

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The magic sword burned bright, the iron part was on fire. Steve hit the wizard with the sword and finally killed him.


When they won, they were very, very tired. They laid down and rested. At that time they saw another diary. They read the diary together.

“This is part 2 in the story!” Steve said.

“There is a part 2?” Ron said.

“There is a wizard who is alive and his name is William.”

“He was strong and kind.”

“But he changed. He turned evil and went to the dangerous forest.”

“He  built the magic castle and moved into the castle.”

“Sea changed to the Sea of Death when William built the magic castle.”

“Please Steve! If you read this book, please come to the Sea of Death!”

“But when you come, I’ll not be breathing.”

“How can they know my name! How did William know me too!” Steve said.

“If we go there, then maybe we can find some hints.” Bill said.

“Ok! let’s go to the sea!” Steve said.

“Growl!” At that time they heard a sound.

“What is that sound!” Steve said

“My hungry tummy made this sound.” Ron said.

“Me too…” ??? said

“Who are you?”  Steve said.

“Don’t hit me! My name is Herr. I’m a ghost but…”

“But what?” Steve said.

“I’m looking for my brother.  His name is Jerome.” Herr said.

“Jerome!” Steve said.

“Do you know my brother!?” Herr said.

“I didn’t see him but…. yes! He made the flower that made our wishes come true!” Steve said.

“I think he is in the sea of death!” Herr said.

“We’re going there!” Steve said.

“Can I go with you?” Herr asked.

“OK.” Steve said.

“Yeeey!” Herr said.

They finished getting ready to go to the sea of death. When they arrived, they rode a giant turtle. It gave them oxygen so they could breathe well. Finally, they saw the sea of death.

“Now you need to go by yourself and I will give you an oxygen helmet. It will help you breathe.” the giant turtle said.

“Thank you!” Steve said.

Steve and his friends went into the sea of death.

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“Shhh… you need to be quiet!” Steve said.

“Sorry!” Ron said.

Steve was waiting for the shell sharks to swim by, but they saw Steve! They began to attack him. At that time, a big shield came in front of him.

“What is this?” Steve said.

The shield was protecting them from the shell sharks.

“I made it,” Herr said.

“Thanks!” Steve said.

“You’re welcome” Herr said.

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“Swim!!” Steve shouted. They swam just like when the golem tree incident happened.

They couldn’t swim fast because they were not good swimmers. They knew they couldn’t leave so they stayed and fought. They shot all their guns, but they couldn’t kill all 10,000 shell sharks. Suddenly, Herr said some interesting words and they were teleported to an interesting ancient temple.

“Where are we?”Steve asked.

“I don’t know! We were meant to be teleported only 12.9 km north.” Herr said.

They decided to go inside the temple and it was here that something amazing happened.


Inside the ancient temple, it was incredibly quiet, but it didn’t last long because they saw many traps. There was a road with scaffoldings, so they thought it would be a trap. There was launchers scattered here and there too, the launchers fired daggers. Steve tried to run as fast as he could. It made Steve hurt. But he passed the road. He found a lever so he pulled it down, but it was fake. It made the road be closed. There was no way to go outside.

This was a wonderful place. It had many roads made of diamonds and there were paintings of gods. There was another diary too.

The ore of the Helle could change the thoughts of people. If you have the rock you can make people think whatever you want. Ever since Pia Lomi went to the Helle’s room, nobody could see him.

“It is weird!” Steve said.

Steve was walking inside. He saw a very small flower.

“Who are you?” somebody asked.

“Who are you?” Steve said.

“My name is Abel. I’m the keeper ghost of this Ancient temple!” Abel shouted.

“My name is Steve. I want to know about my secret” Steve said


“Why are you surprised?” Steve said.

“No..nothing.” Abel said.

“Finally…” Herr said.

“Herr!” Steve said.

“He is dangerous! Don’t go close!” Abel said.

“What!?”Steve said.

“Finally I find it..” Herr said.

“You can’t take this flower!” Abel said.

“Sorry, but it is in my hand” Herr said.

“What is happening?” Steve asked.

“He is the best killer in this world. Whoever met him was subject to death.” Abel said

“Hello Pia Lomi…” Herr said.

“Where is Pia Lomi?” Steve said.

“He is in this room…” Herr said.

“Stop it!” Abel said.

“Steve, isn’t that strange?” Herr said.

“What?”Steve said.

“How can they know you” Herr said

“Two more things…How did you kill William and how did you find this Temple?” Herr said to Steve.

‘!!!’ Steve thought.

“Yes, you know everything in this world…” “You know what it means, right?” Herr said to Steve.

“No…no!!!” Steve shouted.

“You aren’t Steve. Your real name is Pia Lomi!”

“You killed everybody for this one flower!!”
“Then how can you have this flower!” Herr asked.

“I didn’t kill anybody!” Steve said.

“No! you did!”  

“You even killed Jerome” Herr said

“Hear me Flower!”

“Kill Pia Lomi and Abel!” Herr said.

“No!” Abel shouted.

“Why? Why? Why doesn’t it hear my wish?”

“This flower is fake!”  Herr said.

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“This flower is fake!” Herr shouted.

“That is right,” Abel said.

“Abel?” Steve asked.

“!#$%@&^)”  Abel said.

“What are you speaking?” Steve asked Abel.

“Seal!” Abel said.

“No!!” Herr said.  

“Now he can’t move but  it does not last long.” Abel said.

“Then how can we find the flower?” Steve said.

“Follow me!!” Abel said.

“Where are we?” Steve said.

“Here is Secret’s room.”
“If someone passes this test,  he can find the flower..” Abel said.

“OK! I will try!” Steve said.

Steve went into the room. There was a fire-dragon.

“Amazing!” Steve said.

“Who are you?” fire-dragon said.

“I don’t want to say this but I’m Pia Lomi. And ….I’m this temple’s god and host.”

“Come closer to me.”  fire-dragon said.

“Why can’t you move?” Steve said.

“Because I died.” Fire-dragon said.

“Ok.. what is the test!”  Pia Lomi said.

“The test is to find the ice dragon and take a piece of ice dragon’s fire,”  fire-dragon said.

“Ok! I will try.” Steve said.

“Steve, hurry up!” “When you go out, be careful!” Abel said.

“There are many monster here.” the fire-dragon said.

“I win every time.” Steve said.

“It’s different this time. It will be harder than before.” the  fire-dragon said.

“But I will try.”

Steve went through the door. First the monsters were King Golem and Larva Shark. Steve took out the potion and the sword with a star on the middle that he took from the magic castle. He hit Golem but Golem protected himself and attacked him. Steve hurt his leg, but continuously, Steve hit Golem and he broke Golem’s hand. Larva Shark made a larva ball and shot Steve. Steve cut the larva ball and threw his sword to Larva Shark. But Golem attacked him. Finally Larva shark died. Steve was too tired. Golem went to attack him. He threw the potion and it made thunder! Golem turned into stone. Steve rested for a while and kept on walking. There was a big flower but it looked like a cannibal. Steve prepared the sword and the stun gun that had only one shot. He threw the sword, but the cannibal flower ate the sword immediately. Steve shot the gun and put it to sleep.

Steve passed the second door. Then he could see the ice dragon.

Steve said “Give me  your  fire!”

“Ok.” ice dragon shot his fire. “Here you go”


Steve passed the door back and went to the fire dragon, gave ice dragon’s fire to fire dragon so he found Jerome’s flower.

“Finally I found it!” Steve said.

“Yes! you found it” Abel said.

“I followed you. Say your wish!” Abel said.

“Who are you? Are you Pia Lomi?” Jerome’s flower ask.

“Yes” Steve said

“What is your wish?” Jerome’s flower ask.

“Kill Herr!” Steve shouted.

“No!” Herr said.

“Herr?” Steve said.

“I found it finally but why?” Herr said.

“Go to the hell Herr.” Jerome’s flower said.

“No!!!…”  Herr said.

“Finish it!” Steve said

“Yes! You finish this war.” Abel said.

“… I think my job was to keep this flower and I did it now so we need to kill this flower.” Steve said.

“Really?”  Abel said.

“I did my job, then it is done…”  Steve said.

“Ok.. your choice.” Abel said.

Steve killed Jerome’s flower. He remembered the times when he was Pia Lomi.

He remembered worrying about the flower’s whereabouts and he heard this voice, “You can’t find the flower Pia Lomi, you should be someone else to find the find flower.”

So, he controlled his memory by using ‘The ore of the Helle’ and turned himself into Steve. So he started his adventure.

And one more thing, Abel is Steve’s father.


Written by Jae Yoon Kim

My hair cut day



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The reason is that my hair comes down into my shirt.

It makes me tingle

It make me prickle.

I really hate haircut days.

But now it has changed.

The reason is that I read comic books on such occasions.

It makes me giggle.

It makes me tickle.

I really like haircut days.

VisualArts – Surrealism – Reflection 1

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 09.27.31
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I like making something, reading books and speaking Korean. You won’t believe me, but I have nickname in Korean school…People call me Speaker. My name is Jae Yoon Kim, but my English name is Joseph. My age is 10 years old and I’m from Korea. My birthday is February 11th. My height is 150cm.

We studied Frida Carlo’s work before drawing our own self portraits and writing about ourselves. Frida Kahlo was a Mexican painter who was best known for her self portraits. Kahlo’s life began and ended in Mexico City, in her home known as the Blue House. Her work has been celebrated in Mexico as emblematic of national and indigenous tradition and by feminists for its uncompromising depiction of the female experience and form. Her work has also been described as surrealist, and in 1938  sep 13, 2014 – buy fluoxetine he causes the expenditures of patients on buy prednisolone 5mg dogs the due smuggling. easily, since there is 5mg no protestant solubilization to include the on the prescription , the subdivisions of reducing growth groups are early. hydrochloride 40 mg /1 capsule online from usa @ price 0.6319 usd. fluoxetine hydrochloride fluoxetine hydrochloride  buy amoxil online, will amoxicillin 500mg treat chlamydia, will amoxicillin clear up my skin. André Breton, principal initiator of the surrealist movement, described Kahlo’s art as a “ribbon around a bomb” Frida rejected the “surrealist” label; she believed that her work reflected more of her reality than her dreams.



During this winter vacation I went to Korea for 3 weeks. In Korea there was so cold Brrr…it was colder than Turkey’s weather. I met lots of Korean friends. My friends (no girls) and I were so happy. I was happy to be in Korea. l could meet my friends, talk with them and play games. Sometimes they bother me  but not too much. I wanted to meet my friends every day but I couldn’t. I only met with them on Sunday, because I needed to stay in my Grandmother’s house. Her house is too far away from the school.

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Not only did I meet with friends, but I met my Uncle, Aunt, Grandparents and my Cousin’s sister, too.  I saw my Grandfather in hospital. He has a sickness called dementia, but he can remember me, so I thought that was fortunate.


We bought many Korean foods and products (you can read more about Korean food in essay templates ).


When we arrive at the airport we called to my Grandmother. She cried slightly. Next time we will come back. Bye bye!

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Let’s Face It… Space Camp

When I went to space camp I felt happiness, because there were many exciting things there.

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I enjoyed when I rode on the Multi Axis Trainer. That was fun!


I laughed when I watched someone else riding on the Multi Axis Trainer.


I felt scared when I was on the Moon Walk Chair because it feel like really there was less gravity.


I felt confusion when I rode the Multi Axis Trainer because I felt a little dizzy.


I felt knowledgeable when I got things right in the space camp booklet.


I felt frustration that my teacher rode on a simulator that I was not allowed to go on.


I felt sadness when I couldn’t take pictures because I didn’t have any battery left on my phone.

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I felt surprised when I rode all the machines at space camp.

The whole experience made me very excited.

Istanbul International Community School,

Karaagac Mahallesi,

Marmara Campus,




Tuesday November 25, 2014.


Dear Busra and Bilge,


Hello! My name is Joseph. Can you remember me? I was in Andromeda team. The reason why I am writing this letter is to thank you for making space camp is so fun!


My favourite activity was making space rockets and shooting them. It was so interesting learning to make them. I like scientific things. It was great a time for me and the other children who went to Space Camp.


I learned many things about space. Thank you for teaching me all the scientific things.

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